August 15th – Reames Wedding, Boathouse, Sutton Coldfield

We are so lucky to find ourselves in these beautiful locations each week, and this one is especially brill as it’s on mine and Debbie’s doorstep…!

The Boathouse is a gorgeous restaurant located in the grounds of Sutton Park in Sutton Coldfield, on Bracebridge Lake and we’d been invited to play at the Reames’ wedding. It was also special as we unleashed some new material, including King (Years and Years) and our new 90s Mash Up medley (featuring one of my favourites; Girls and Boys by Blur). We make an effort to keep the set fresh and were pleased these tracks went down as well as we hoped they would, whoop!

Will also managed to eat his own bodyweight in cheese. Nightmares for Will methinks…


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