July 2016 Update

July 2016 Update

So, these gig blogs were initially intended to be a ‘blow-by-blow’ account of our weekly activities in order to demonstrate to our clients how busy and cool we are (we are very cool, if you were wondering). Ironically, we are now so busy I have found little time to write a gig blog for the past two months. So potential clients, fear not, I know you have been checking back daily waiting for our latest update, wondering; ‘do these guys actually gig? Have they gone and split up or something?’, but VOILA! I am back on it, ready to give you the lowdown on the past few month’s Junos activity, so here goes…

July 1st – The Vesey Ball, Sutton Coldfield

July 1st saw us perform at Aston Wood Golf Club in Sutton Codlfield for the Bishop Vesey School Summer Ball. A classy black tie affair which was not to be upstaged by Wales’ dramatic win over Belgium (which the band enjoyed whilst tucking into some fabulous beef). Lovely clients and some very friendly venue staff, we hope to be back there again soon.

July 2nd – Polebrook Village Fete, Northamptonshire

Score 1 to ‘the west’ in the Junos epic East vs West battle. But the victory was to be shortlived, as the following day we found ourselves on the A14 for the trip to our friends at Polebrook village. We performed for Polebrook last summer and were really impressed with the ‘community spirit’ on show, with folks chipping-in with different food, and everyone helping to make the event really special. This year was no different and also benefited from a bigger marquee and more guests. A wonderful evening with some of the loveliest people we know. Let’s all move to Polebrook!

8th July – Party for No 5 Chambers, Hagely Hall, Birmingham

This weekend saw us in the grand settings of Hagley Hall for another black tie dinner, this time for the barristers at No 5 Chambers. In what turned out to be a sweaty affair in a small room on a hot summers, we rocked the flock wallpaper and left the guests happy (as always!)…

“Dear Roger,

Thanks again for Friday night. Everyone I have spoken to since really enjoyed your performance.  It was a great end to the night.”

9th July – Bistro Live, Nottingham

“Back once again with the renegade master” to our usual haunt, Bistro Live. This Saturday saw us in the Nottingham club and gave us an opportunity to road test some of our material for our new Rock The 90s! tribute, including our new ‘garage’ and ‘big beat’ medleys (both of which went down a storm). I think Tim won at poker, which is worth a mention too…

30th July – Will and Bex’s Wedding, West Mill, Derby.

After a week’s break for ‘The Junos summer hols’ we return with our final gig of the month; Will and Bex’s wedding at The West Mill in Derby. Firstly, it must be said that The West Mill is a REALLY cool venue for a wedding. Set on the river in a large converted mill, the venue is set over three floors and is pretty huge! It’s a reasonably new venue, and one we hope to visit again in he future. WIll and Bex were a fantastic couple, making good use of our 90s repertoire to create a really cool atmosphere. There was also a really tall guy with a beard.


Well, that pretty much sums up July – until next month (which is already overdue!), ciao for now 🙂