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Friday 22nd and Saturday 23rd April, Oxford and Huntingdon

Live Band for Hire Huntingdon and Oxford

UK Fire Service Dinner, Friday 22nd April

A busy weekend is upon us!

Friday saw us travel to The Jurys Inn in Oxford for the UK Fire Service annual dinner.  This was possibly our smallest audience this year with a guest count of 25, which I can only put down to Tory cuts of public services (a bit of political banter there for the high-brow Junos groupie). We were expecting a quiet night, indeed we even turned down the PA in expectation of a more ‘relaxed’ affair, but little did we know the 25 in question were hardcore party-goers – let’s crank the PA and have some fun then! A classy black-tie affair with James Bond style casino provided by our friends at Eventrous. We weren’t expecting a packed dancefloor, so were delighted when all the guests joined us for a fab evening.

The only negative is that I had a Bratwurst with English mustard which made my eyes water a bit. Oh, and I left Will’s monitor pack at the end of the night and had to do a 3 hour round trip to pick it up on Monday morning. Sad face 🙁

Becky and Vicky’s Birthday, Friday 23 April

Happy face 🙂 – It’s Becky and Vicky’s birthday….!

This evening found us performing for Mark’s wife’s Becky’s (correct grammar?) and her friend Vicky’s joint birthday party at Sawtry Academy. Will got his sax out for a special rendition of Happy Birthday and everything. This was an awesome hall with a huge stage allowing us to fully indulge in our sound system and new lighting rig, as Chirs Brown said “Turn Up The Music”. In contrast to Friday we had over 20o guests all ready to show us why we call them the ‘Sawtry Massive’. They did not disappoint – a banging night of top dancing!

Slightly confused why I was offered a plate with some cold cuts of meat already on it at the buffet table, good job I’m not a vegetarian 😉

Here are the pics:

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