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Christmas Party Band, Cambridgeshire, 29th Jan 2016

Firstly, you’ve got to love this picture of Mark (surely worth a ‘like’)…?

The cheese may have gone mouldy, the presents from family members long sold on eBay, the decks may be packed away with the spiders in the loft, but in Buckden, Cambs Santa Claus is still in town (maybe he has a mistress there, or something)…

Yes, this was the last of our Christmas parties finishing off an 11-week spell of turkey dinners (pretty sick of turkey, to be fair, we went to the local Chinese this time around). This was Buckden School’s annual Christmas Party in Cambridgeshire, which meant another trip down the A14 (and yet again the Cathorpe interchange was closed on the way home…).

The guests danced in that special way teachers do (I know, I used to  be one!), the phrase ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ comes to  mind. It was stupendous. One of those gigs where you are in danger of being outperformed by your guests…! Obviously we weren’t, as we’re really good and stuff…

A great night was had by all!

Ciao for now 🙂

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